Social Enterprise


KRAFT Lifestyle Products empower refugee and migrant communities through the provision of employment opportunities by crafting fairly produced materials into one of a kind fashion and lifestyle items.


KRAFT Lifestyle Products provides a vital step towards refugee integration through the provision of employment opportunities, a network of support and a place for cross-communal interaction, whilst creating quality products that promote conscious consumption.




My name is Anna and I am currently a student of Development in London, after finishing my undergraduate degree in Economics. In order to gain experience and follow the urge to travel and discover, I became a Programme Manager with _SocialStarters.*

After spending a year working with social enterprise, facilitating training on the topic and completing hands-on work as a social impact consultant, I realised that social enterprise would be the next step forward towards my bigger goal – creating real change.

The idea for KRAFT Lifestyle Products was born in the Old City of Hyderabad, India. Winding my way through the masses of vendors, people and animals, my attention was caught by the pile of colourful sarees that were being sold at the side of the road.

Throughout my entire time in India I had been stunned by the beautiful fabric and colourful patterns – and after deciding that sarees would make great scarfs, I was on the hunt for presents for friends and family. Getting them cut and stitched by a local tailor, I realised – why wouldn’t everyone want a scarf like this?! Since then the idea has evolved, grown, and expanded into the creation of an ethical fashion brand.

Displacement is one of the social issues in the world that I am most passionate about. The refugee crisis has posed new and unknown challenges to locals and refugees alike – challenges that politics alone cannot solve. I therefore saw the opportunity to use my knowledge, experience and passion towards a greater cause – refugee integration. Living in different places and being a seasoned traveler has shown me how important a sense of belonging, and a warm welcome from the local community is. In order to create exactly this, I thought of different ways to combine the need for integration with my business idea for scarfs – and the answer was employment.

Employment gives a person a sense of purpose and belonging, as they are giving back to society. Furthermore, local communities are more willing to welcome strangers if they see that they are making an effort to contribute and fit in. Finally, a workspace provides not only a social outlet, but is part of a support network necessary to find your way around a new environment.

I don’t just want to create jobs – but a space where people can interact and learn from each other. The goal is an experience, wether it is to socialise, learn, shop, or all of the above.


*_SocialStarters is a social purpose business that creates the space and opportunity to nurture and ignite social change makers through social enterprise volunteering in countries such as Brazil and India.