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We are a social enterprise that crafts ethical fashion and lifestyle items for every body through elegant and timeless designs, customised tailoring and individual design projects.

KRAFT Lifestyle Product empowers disadvantaged communities in India and Europe. All materials are hand-woven and fairly produced in Hyderabad, and crafted into one of a kind products by refugee and migrant artisans in London.

KRAFT Fashion Collections

KRAFT Fashion Collections are designed with the elegant woman in mind. The chic, timeless, and classy design ensures that each garment makes a fashion statement and can be worn to multiple occasions.

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Made to Measure

Each unique item is crafted just for you and the process is as easy as:

1] Select the style that you want and note the product name/code

2] Fill in the details of  your order in the contact form– item, name, address, size

3] Transfer the payment (see shipping and return policy below)- click here for transparent cost information

4] Receive your KRAFT Lifestyle product in the mail

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How to take care of your KRAFT Lifestyle purchase

Ikat is 100% cotton and is handwoven at the Hyderabad workshop with much care and attention to detail. The material is soft and comfortable to wear. KRAFT Lifestyle Products guarantees that only high quality materials are used to make our products, however, their longevity also depends on the treatment of the material after purchase. Whilst very gentle machine wash is possible, hand wash is strongly recommended in order to retain the original feel, shape and colour of the item. Items that are woven by hand support local handicraft, secures jobs for traditional artisans and supports the cause of slow fashion. However, the material is not as resilient as mill spun clothing and therefore deserves special attention. In the end the lucky buyer is responsible to ensure that their favourite piece is treated as respectful as the amount of care and effort that went into it’s making deserves. Light ironing is suggested after washing, at a temperature that is suitable for fine cotton. If you want to avoid ironing (or simply don’t have the time) make sure to properly straighten your piece before drying it on a hanger to avoid creases as much as possible.

Shipping and Shipping Costs

KRAFT Lifestyle Products ship worldwide to ensure the message is spread to each and every country. We understand that shipping costs are a big determinant in whether a purchase happens or not. However, as we are just starting out, and do not have the cost advantage of big companies yet, we kindly ask our customers to cover 50% of the shipping costs. The amount therefore depends on the shipment destination. An estimate can be found in the table below – if you from a different country please be in touch and we will give you an estimate for your share of the shipping costs. We offer free shipping on any purchase above £100. We will continuously update the shipping costs as efficiencies are achieved and work towards being able to provide shipping costs for each purchase.

Australia                                                                                      £7

Europe                                                                                          £5

United Kingdom                                                                        £2

United States                                                                             £7

Return Policy

Each item is made to order, and we are putting in our best work and effort to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We do understand that online shopping has it’s challenges, since items cannot be tried on. Therefore we are happy to process your request if you want to return an item, however, we will not cover shipping costs of return items, and charge a minimal transaction fee (estimated £3) for wiring.

Women’s Fashion     Accessories     Lifestyle

Design Your Own

Do you have a design in mind that you always wanted to try? Did you find your dream design online and would like to make it a reality? KRAFT’s Design Your Own option gives you the opportunity to design your own clothes in consultation with experienced tailors.


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